I. General Rules

  1. The Hanoi Bible College Library aims to serve the learning and research needs of our students and teachers.
  2. Other library users are welcome to use library resources inside the library. In this document, “library users” refers both to those who use resources inside the library and those with a library card.
  3. Classification of resources
    • Books marked with “TK” or “BC” before the classification number are reference works. Reference works must remain in the library. They must be available to all library patrons (students, teachers, pastors, etc.). These resources are to be used inside the library only and may not be checked out.
    • Works under other classifications are general stacks. These books can be checked-out by users with membership cards.

II. Rules for Using the Library Space

  1. The library space is a place for learning, reading, and doing research for students, teachers and guests.
  2. Library users must minimize noise, show respect to others and their learning and research needs.
  3. Library users are to keep the library tidy and return the books to the assigned location after use. 
  4. To keep the library clean and guard against ants, food and drink (except clear water) are NOT ALLOWED in the library. Do not litter in the library.

III. Rules for Borrowing Library Resources

  1. Only library card holders may check out library resources.
  2. Library cards are only issued for the teachers, students and staff of Hanoi Bible College.
  3. Students, teachers and staff may borrow a maximum of 10 items from the general stacks for 2 weeks.
  4. After two weeks, if users want to continue to borrow a book, they may renew an item one time on the library website or with a librarian. After that, they must return the book to the library.
  5. If that book is reserved by another user, it may not be renewed and must be returned within two weeks of checking it out.

IV. Rules for Maintaining Library Facilities and Resources

  1. Library users should use library  facilities and resources with care and avoid dropping books.
  2. Library users are not allowed to underline, make notes or highlight in library books.
  3. Do not tear or otherwise damage library books.

V. Rules on fines

  1. Users who lose, tear or damage a book must compensate the college for the loss of the book based on the value of the book.
  2. Users who are late in returning a book will not be able to check out another book until they have paid the fine and returned the overdue book.
  3. Penalty items returned late: 2.000 VND/item/day.
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